For a stay in the Maternity ward

To pre-register, from the 6th month of pregnancy, please go to the Admissions Office with: 

  • your Identity Document (Identity card, passport, driving licence, etc.)
  • your Health Insurance card (the clinic is contracted by the French National Health Insurance Centre, 100% of hospital fees are covered)
  • your private health insurance card (to check what percentage of a single room is covered and additional fees, please contact your private health insurance provider)
  • a €300 deposit cheque

No pre-admission will be receivable if documents are missing.

We will then provide you with more information about:  

  • Personal belongings required for you and your baby, during your stay at the clinic,
  • birth registration formalities at the registry office,
  • the possibility of providing a quote for patients who are not covered by the French National Health Insurance Centre (CPAM),
  • the appointment with the overseeing midwife for birth plans and any further questions.

Note that you do not need to book a single room. Your request will be listened to on arrival, the day you give birth or the day after.