The Saint Jean Maternity in Cagnes-sur-Mer.

20 minutes away from Nice, the Saint Jean Maternity is a level 1 Maternity ward, part of the PACA/Upper Corsica birth safety network. 

Because nothing is more important than you and your children's safety and happiness, the Maternity ward constantly works to improve quality of care and combines safety with personalised care every day. The quality of care provided to mothers and their newborns is central to our ethos and the work of each professional in the obstetric department. 

The Saint Jean Maternity combines safety, comfort and cosy atmosphere. 

The Saint Jean Maternity delivery rooms have been designed for a natural approach to childbirth.

We provide:

  • a welcome and care that is adapted to the patient's stage of labour.
  • a less medicalized birth and personalised support to the couple in a “Natural" physiological delivery room on request. This exceptional room encourages mobility and changes in posture during labour (enabling better breathing and optimal dynamic labour) thanks to specialised equipment:
    • bars on the walls and scarves to hang off will enable the spine to extend and encourage the baby to descend in a good position;
    • birthing balls: they encourage pelvis movement;
    •  a bathtub: a warm bath has an anti-spasm and relaxing effect that encourages dilation.  This roomy bathtub enables you to try different positions: sitting, lying down or squatting. Above it, a night sky with changing colours has a soothing effect, encouraging relaxation when contractions become painful. (Delivery will not take place in the bathtub). 
    • In this room, mothers-to-be can labour in the position they feel most comfortable in, with the father's active participation: the couple plays an active role in the birth.  The midwife team is trained in this type of care and listens to the parents-to-be and respects their choices, while guaranteeing medical safety and personal fulfillment.
  • care in a department designed according to a "Earth-Air-Water" concept.

The Saint Jean Maternity technical support centre combines extremely high technical and medical safety with the comfort and well-being of our patients. With high performance equipment and comfortable premises, the Saint Jean Maternity technical support centre enables future parents to welcome their babies in an exceptional and warm environment, and provides quality care that respects each birth plan.

Safety is our main priority

Newborns' security is Management's main priority.  This is why rooms at Saint Jean Maternity are equipped with autonomous code handles controlled by badge or card. The nursery doors are also equipped with this system, set to free access during day time from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm and controlled access at night. This system combines security and comfort for all.