Oncology at Saint Jean

The Oncology and Support Care department, run by Dr Jérôme BARRIERE, medical oncologist is part of the Internal Medicine department, coordinated by Dr Lauren Marcq, doctor in internal medicine.

Oncology occupies a special place within the hospital. 

  • Pain management is one of the Hospital's priorities, and a multidisciplinary approach is applied, particularly for patients with cancer. 
  • A weekly staff meeting is held between doctors and nursing staff, to analyse and manage the medical, psychological and social issues of patients hospitalised in the oncology department. 
  • Physiotherapy can also be dispensed daily, including at weekends, and psychological and nutritional support is also offered.
  • Aromatherapy is also available.

The department is open to visitors every day from 12.00 noon to 08.00 pm. 


Multidisciplinary Consultation Meetings (MCM)

Multidisciplinary Consultation Meetings (MCM) are held every week to discuss the treatment of all patients in the hospital, to offer concerted therapies.

The MCM includes doctors from several specialist fields (oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, etc) and other medical staff (specialised nurses, psychologists, etc.).


Announcement and psychological support 

"Each patient experiences the challenge of cancer differently, depending on their history, personality, family and professional relations and therefore expresses different needs".

All patients with cancer can benefit from an organised announcement approach that enables the patient and their family to be informed, supported and cared for. 

A specially trained team (specialised nurse, psychologists and social workers) that works with the medical team, are able to give information about each specific pathology and provide personalised advice (nutrition, hygiene, side effects, etc).

This support is available as soon as the diagnosis is announced and after the end of the treatment.