The Medicine department

The Medicine department at the Saint Jean private general hospital in Cagnes-Sur-Mer 

The Medicine department includes the Internal Medicine department, coordinated by Dr Laurent MARCQ and the Oncology and Supporting Treatment Department coordinated by Dr Jérôme BARRIERE, medical oncologist.

They manage hospitalised patients' treatment and organise after care.  Daily medical examination, 7 days a week, in the clinic.

All departments are housed in a two-story building:

  • 1st story:  12 beds including 4 single rooms
  • 2nd story: 25 beds including 7 single rooms

Inpatient treatment is usually prescribed by patients' specialist doctors or general practitioners, although patients may also be transferred from other hospitals (public or private) on request from the patients themselves or their families.

The Medicine department cares for all patients requiring diagnostic or therapeutic examinations, for all pathologies (digestive tract, liver and pancreatic diseases, respiratory, neurological and oncological illnesses, etc).

The department also treats patients admitted via the hospital Accident and Emergency department.

Pain management is one of the Hospital's priorities, and a multidisciplinary approach is applied, particularly for patients with cancer. Aromatherapy is also available.

The department is open to visitors every day from 12.00 noon to 08.00 pm. A family room is available for all visitors to the second floor. A library is also accessible to all inpatients.

The medical team is also attentive to patients' families, if the patients authorises it, to respect patient confidentiality.  Oncology is a separate department at Saint Jean clinic.

For inpatient referrals, contact:  +33 (0)4 92 13 53 13