Inpatient treatment in Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation

The Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation unit (Soins de Suite et de Réadaptation - SSR Saint Jean), part of the E3S Saint Jean Centre, is equipped with all the inpatient facilities that will enable you to benefit from rehabilitation and re-adaptation techniques adapted to treatment following orthopedic and trauma surgery. 

  • It includes a special 47 beds ward. 
  • Patients' surgery is constantly monitored and the connection to Saint Jean private general hospital enables a holistic management of treatment, favouring links between short and medium term inpatient treatment.
  • The medical safety of patients is ensured by the relevance of the treatment (rehabilitation protocols are approved by the surgeons) and is personalised to guarantee quick and optimal recovery and independence.

To contact us: +33 (0)4 92 13 55 65

Infrastructure designed for the patients: 

Treatment is dispensed in premises that are designed with patients in mind, guided by an original approach that is unique in the PACA region:

  • A 500 m² technical support centre with quality equipment and a balneotherapy pool that enables weightless work.
  • A team of physiotherapists, two orthotists and a chiropodist specialised in rehabilitation: traumatology/orthopedics, spine and limb pathologies.
  • The proximity of the technical support centres (radiology, biology, scans, specialised consultations) enables constant monitoring and holistic treatment.


Hospitality services:

Comfort is guaranteed during your stay thanks to the hospitality services that enable you to continue working during inpatient treatment:

  • Private rooms: meeting rooms, private sitting rooms (in the suites), etc...
  • Multimedia equipment:  Internet cafe, Wifi, etc
  • A la carte services: beauty therapies and hairdressing service on the ward provided by the beauty and laser centre "Lessensiel" (link to L'essential website), newspaper and magazine delivery, etc...
  • Specific services for patient's companions: accommodation in single rooms and suites, access to the beauty services, catering, etc...
  • Sitting room:  Wide screen TV, reading and relaxation room, etc.
  • Restaurant
  • Panoramic terrace on the roof with pergola


The team:  

  • Hospital manager: Pierre IVALDI
  • SSR and sports trauma doctors: Dr Jean-Christophe CORRADI -  Dr Aurore BERTRAND


  • Physiotherapists:  Laurent SOLINAS - Sébastien BOTTAU - Isabelle SAGOT - Aude BRUGNEAU - Juliette SAULNIER
  • Orthopedists - Orthotists: Mohamed BERKANI - Gaëlle ASTRO


Returning home:

Support when returning home: depending on your situation, our social worker will be able to help you prepare for your return home (convention signed the C.R.A.M:  Caisse Régionale d’Assurance Maladie - French healthcare insurance centre) in the best possible conditions.

Outpatient Physiotherapy treatment: You can benefit from rehabilitation treatment after inpatient treatment, to improve the functional result and therefore your independence.