For Convalescence at Pôle Antibes Saint Jean

In any case, inpatient treatment must be requested by a doctor.

If you are admitted through a clinic and hospital:  Your admission will be requested by your doctor
If you arrive straight from your home:  Your GP must make a request to your Health Insurance for you to be covered.  Your admission will only be complete once written agreement from your Health Insurance has been received.

Admission to the hospital is from 11.00 am every day.

During your stay, devoted and skilled staff will be at your service.

If you need further information or have other requests, ask the Matron or the Front desk in the entrance, open from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 am to 07.00 pm and Saturday from 09.00 am to 12.30 pm.

Documents required

You will have to present the following documents on admission:

  • your Admission form completed by your doctor
  • you Medical records
  • your situation report provided by the hospital if you have been referred by a clinic, hospital or accident and emergency department
  • your Identity document ( Identity card, passport, driving licence or family record book)
  • your French Health Insurance card (Carte Vitale) or your last three pay slips, or certificate of French universal health coverage (CMU)
  • your Health Insurance card (if necessary the conditions for coverage) or certificate of additional coverage under French universal coverage.
  • the three-part document provided by your employer if you have had an accident at work
  • for citizens of the European Union, a certificate of coverage (European Health Insurance Card, E111 form, etc.)
  • for citizens of the European Union who do not work in France, a request for coverage issued by an authority or the embassy of the Country covering you
  • for foreign national nationals working in France, your residence permit or passport as well as the documents required for French patients
  • for people covered by article 115 of the French Military Pensions Code, your free care and diagnosis book, if the treatment is linked to your disability, or your current Social Insurance Card.

Bring with you your examination results, x-rays, medical documents, blood group card (if you have one) and hand them to the nurse who will welcome you.

Personal belongings

For your comfort, do not forget your change of clothes and personal belongings:

  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Nightgown or pajamas
  • Dressing gown
  • Closed slippers
  • Outfit for the physiotherapy room if you have been prescribed sessions (jogging bottoms, shorts, trainers)
  • Paper tissues
  • Spare clothes
  • Box or case for dental prosthesis or hearing aids, if you wear them.

Only bring essentials, and as few valuables and cash as possible.

Returning home

The end of your stay,

Our work does not end when you leave the hospital.  We do our utmost to facilitate your return home, depending on how you have recovered, following 2 procedures:

  • Support when returning home:  during your stay, you will be able to see the person responsible for Support when returning home (Cellule d’Aide au Retour à Domicile - C.A.R.D.). They will do their utmost to organise your departure from hospital, help you fill in the forms to request home help (cleaning, care and nursing care) or a place in a care home.  For more information and for the necessary documents, a meeting is held every day from Monday to Friday, 02.00 pm to 03.00 pm in the entrance hall.
  • Outpatient Physiotherapy treatment: You can also, if you wish, continue rehabilitation after leaving the Centre, with the same physiotherapy team.